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Nutritional Benefits of D-Fagomine D-fagomine is a real, scientifically substantiated novelty that should become a relevant tool in Nutrition,  mainly to control the glycemic index in novel functional food proposals in weight management.  D-fagomine also opens up a  novel range of nutritional  balanced proposals with high  carbohydrate content (high  glycemic load) and slow glucose  release (low glycemic index) for  improved physical and  intellectual performance (i.e.  breakfast) while also reducing  the risk of weight gain. Worldwide demand for better nutrition is at an all-time high, and D-fagomine is breaking the rules.   You can have it all: healthy eating without sacrificing sweetness and taste, nutritious processed food,  and innovations that won't break your budget. D-fagomine will help reintroduce a positive view of carbohydrates as necessary nutrients that supply  energy for mental and physical performance free from the health concerns associated with industrial  processed foods and drinks that usually include refined sugars and starch. We are developing innovative knowledge on the nutritional benefits associated with D-fagomine. If you  are a health professional or scientist in the field of nutrition, please feel free to contact us to receive  this updated scientific information.