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What is D-Fagomine? D-Fagomine is a naturally occurring glucose-  analog iminosugar, first isolated from  buckwheat in 1974. Some sugar mimetics have the capacity to  inhibit the intestinal enzymes that break up  sucrose and starch into absorbable glucose  units. D-fagomine has been present in the human  diet for centuries and is at the same time a  novel, scientifically substantiated proposal  that should become a relevant tool in  Nutrition. D-fagomine effectively reduces the blood glucose peak when taken together with sucrose or starch,  without stimulating insulin release. This makes D-fagomine a nutritional ingredient that is suitable for  the development of novel functional foods and also regular low glycemic healthy foods.  D-fagomine selectively inhibits the adhesion to  intestinal mucosa of several kinds of bacteria,  i.e. Escherichia coli and Salmonella, and may  promote the adhesion of other ones that are  considered beneficial i.e. Lactobacillus. This  selective activity is a new way to modulate  intestinal microbiota through a healthy diet. D-  fagomine reduces the presence of some  potentially harmful microorganisms while  promoting other potentially beneficial ones with  a scientifically substantiated mechanism.